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as the scandal keeps sizzling. some republicans are calling to scrap the agency and it' its mae tax code and bring on flat tax instead. is that the best way to prevent this mess from happening again, and get our economy booming again? hi, everybody, i'm brenda buttner. this is bulls and bears. let's get right to it. we've got gary b. smith, tobin smith, and steve murphy. welcome to everybody. so gary b., shut down the irs as we know it and replace it with a flat tax? what do you say? >> absolutely, brenda. this would be the most positive thing we've seen for this economy. i think since the internet. i mean, this would be unbelievable. look at all of it. i can't see any minuses. look at all the benefits. one, we get rid of the irs which means we get rid of these irs scandals dating back before brez nixon up to -- president nixon up to the current administration. we save billions on productive, raise more revenue, make it fair. i mean, brenda, this would be the best thing that could happen for the market, for the economy. they can't pass it quickly enough. >> well, they've been trying to p
a whole i new set f tax brackets. >> this isn't about the tax code. >> by the way. >> it's going to have to police the health program. >> do you really think those tax-exempt groups that they targeted, i know they're right wing, do you think they should be tax-exempt? the problem is they're focusing on one type. those groups are political action committees. >> hold on one second. >> wait a minute. >> that's not the argument here. >> i agree. i know all that. >> let's be honest before we start casting aspersions. they went after groups that chanticleeshould not be tax-exe. >> said who? >> why shouldn't they be tax-exempt? >> they were looking to find out who was on the political action committees. >> they're non-profit groups. they're non-profit groups. why shouldn't they be t tax-exempt? >> neil: that is wor knee o worf another show, but unfortunately we're out of time. in the meantime, irs officials at the heart of this mess are getting big bonuses. the forbes gang is on top of that at the next hour. meanwhile, she needs money to implement the health care law. now she's hitting up healt
. >> and the reason is apply for tax exempt status and their requests were delayed for many months? >> that is key point here. even under any benign understanding under which they were trying to look at these groups, nothing explains why these applications sat on the shelf sometimes for 13 months without any attention paid to them whatsoever. there is no question there was slow tracking of the tea party applications. that was quite different treatment that was accordeded other nonprofits that were asked for other information. >> paul: carl, what do you hear about the defenders of the irs. this was a few rogue employees. we heard that from the acting commissioner before he was fired this week, steven miller. that is not true. >> right, the people of ohio must be delighted to know that cincinnati is some political back water all of a sudden. by the way, this is a situation where they had specifically centralized all of the looking at tax exempt groups into cincinnati. oh, guess what we weren't paying any attention over there. that whole line is absurd, quite aside from whatever coordination there wa
was to challenge potentially their tax exempt status or to deny it all together. a lot of these groups had applied for tax exempt status and found their request delayed for many, many months. is that fair? >> right. right. that's very fair. that's a key point here because even under any benign understanding in which they were trying to look at these groups, nothing explains why these applications sat on the shelf sometimes for 13 months without any attention paid to them whatsoever. s there is no question there was a slow tracking specifically of these tea party applications. that was quite a different treatment than what was accorded to other nonprofit applications that were also being asked for other information. >> what about the point you hear from some of the defenders of the irs, that well, this was just a backwater in cincinnati, a few rogue employees. we heard that from the acting commissioner before he was fired this week, steven miller. that's not true. >> right. by the way, the people of ohio must be delighted to know that cincinnati is now some sort of political backwater all of a sudd
is on there to tax him for. and send the drones to fly over his house. and confiscate huckabee's guns and see how he likes it when he can't go hunting anymore. and take his bass dpu tar away. no more music for huck hug and that will make him think again for challenging me. and now i need something for the media to get off of my back. hey, joe, it is the president. i need my vice-president to step up to plate for his country. i need you to do what you do best. go out and say something ridiculous in front of the cameras. let the media focus on. that ♪ tonight on huckabee. as three separate scandals rock the white house, the irs targeting the conservative groups take center stage. is this still america? is the governmento drunk on power it would turn his force and might to harass and intimidate an average american who only wants her voice and their voices heard? >> that average american is katherine. and she jones the governor tonight. plus. my question is not about who is going to resign. my question is who is going to jail? >> but they are not going to jail. >> instead they are promoted and in char
for approval of the tax status that you are pushing through for the liberals and you call that poor service? i would call it biased unfair targeting of conservative groups. >> kimberly: there is a lot of this going on and specific examples i find interesting. representative kevin brady had a constituent when he was talking about, a party that had tea party affiliation and applied for tax exempt status in july of 2010 and february 2012 she received an answer asking questions. three years to the day that she first filed her application is still pending. take a listen to representative brady. >> she was visited by the f.b.i. domestic terrorism unit for personal returns and business returns were both audited by the irs. she received four f.b.i. inquiries. this is a citizen in a small woman who had never been audited by the irs. is this still america? is this government so drunk on power that it would turn its full force, it's full might to harass and intimidate and threaten an average american who only wants her voice and their voices heard? >> kimberly: doesn't sound like america, sounds like som
if the part of government in collecting taxes is discriminating for beliefs. who allowed this to happen. the treasury inspector told top officials about the investigation in june 2012. it is right in the height of the presidential campaign. the irs admitted using tea party and patriot to look at groups for extra skrutine. some of those groups are gearing up to sue. deep concern growing with the law makers, both sides of the political aisle talking about this woman, who was in charge of the division in the heart of the scandal will leave office and implement the obama care. her office will have a say over fines and insurance coverage for millions of americans. molly heningburg starts. did ingram know about the targeting of conservative. >> democrats say there is no evidence she did and the outgoing commissioner stephen miller praised her work in the tax agency. >> why would you promote somebody to that position that was in charge of the exempt organization division that had controversy over the last couple of years? under an investigation? >> she is a superb sufficiently servant? >> she
that some of those responsible for paid bonuses at work with your tax dollars. i am dave asman. what a week. we'll go with moshing an and mike and sabringa and rick. >> rick, this is usually steve forbes job but do you believe that the individuals who skewed up deserve bon us. >> i feel the need to talk flat tax. i think the bonus idea is a bad idea particularly as it a ployed to the irs. remember when we have had a situation with private insurance companies and they are bonusing adjustors and paying them to deny claims. i have a similar problem with irs agents paid to collect more money. i tell you the great surprise. >> or just screw up. >> or screw up. you know who favors bonusing the federal -- the heritage foundation. >> you are an agent of the heritage foundation? >> i have been accused of many. from james, the senior economist. we should shift the distribution from base pay to bonus. >> mike, lois learner who was in charge of the tax exemption got a $42,000 bonus or several bonuses adding up to 42,000. show gave on the a bunch of information that was not true. and her predecessor got
rewards. they were fast tracked for o their tax status. of course, we should be worried because a new national database is about to be created that will hold sensitive intimate information, our healthcare. the irs will be the enforcer of healthcare so it's reasonable to ask. >> eric: and they will be able to decide how much companies are required to carry in terms of healthcare. who gets fined, how much they get fined, they can literally they may do the same thing with the obamacare and literally drive certain ideologies, certain political groups out of business? >> you perfectly stated the concerns of the american people. i used to work as a federal tax litigation attorney at the treasury department. we only had one client the irs. we had to be extremely careful about sensitive tax information. now, the irs has admitted this is the largest expansion of power and authority that they've had in modern times. they have proved they are incapable of dealing with the power and authority they have today. this is why i believe, eric, we were all in the doldrums after the last election, but no
's what i'm saying. >> chris: the rise of the application for tax exempt group was a big deal at this point. a big issue for democrats. in september of 2010, the democratic chair of senate finance called on the irs to investigate groups applying for tax exempt status. in march of 2012, seven democratic senators urged the irs to beef up scrutiny. weren't the marching orders at this point to the irs pretty clear? you had a number of democrats, a bunch of tee party groups applying for tax exempt status and democrats in congress saying to the irs we want you investigate? >> don't take our word for it. what the in depen department inspector general said in the report to congress on friday. one, this was no outside influences other than this came directly from the irs and two this was not necessarily based on political motivation. >> chris: you said not necessarily based upon. >> he said this was management, not political motivation. >> chris: the man in charge of the irs tax exempt division joseph grant until he recently announced he would step down said that part of the reason fo
conservatives. earlier today, lawmakers on capitol hill grilled the top official at the tax agency ousted commissioner steve miller during a firey hearing. now, there was several bomb shell revealations for starters during his testimony today miller admitted that the apology made last week by irs lawyer lois learner was staged. watch this. >> do you know miss celia roady a member of the advisory council on tax exempt and government entities? >> i do. >> was her question to ms. learner about targeting conservative groups planned in advance? >> i believe that we talked about that, yes. >> no, miller also acknowledged that the irs knew about the scandal in may of last year. since you were not able to watch owl of today's testimony here are some of the highlights. >> we were told no such targeting was happening. that isn't being misled. that is lying. >> this is very chilling for the american people. i know that where you are at and you are going to -- you are resigning and walking away from it. but you this is not going to go away. this is the pandora's box opened and i don't know he if we c
to the organization, there is no tax deduction and it makes it difficult to continue forward with the effort to eliminating voter fraud. >> yes, i mean, it will top to be a challenge and certainly that determination would make it much easier. one thing i learned in three years of being involved in the way i have been in a grassroots level, i have learned that americans will stand for the side of truth. they will stand. even if that means we don't have a determination that allows us to go to foundation, i believe that american citizens will be ready to stand for election integrity. and that's all we need. >> do you feel hounded by the federal government and made your life a living hell pause they had resources and unlimited power to do it? >> i believe and i feel that what we have been through understand for a reason. and yes, it is not been fun. that is to be sure. but i think that our role is to be messengers and bring focus to a larger debate that we need to be having in the country. citizens should not foretheir government. if in fact the federal government is making a coordinated effort
groups, of religious organizations. this is much broader than just tax exempt organizations. we are not hearing that on the other side, not at all. >> greta: i don't know the rules of the hearing. if i were mr. miller and i were were on the hot seat accused of targeting one particular side of the poe let cal spectrum. if i had information that i had done the same thing with the other side i would have said how about this, do you want this information. and would you expect that from the wet necessary today or is that something that you wouldn't expect? >> i think you would expect that. i got to tell you, i didn't get this sense that he was outraged at the end of all of this. that, you know, this was just sort of not that big a deal to him. and i don't think he really fully even yet understood just how much a problem this was in terms of breaking faith with the the american people and really almost going to the level of abuse of certain individuals in terms of the questions asked and the length they had to go to simply to exercise their rights under the law. >> greta: what do you
groups and you make them wait sometimes up to three years for approval of the tax status that you're pushing through for the liberals and call that poor service? i would call it biased, unfair targeting of conservative groups. >> there is a lot of this goingr on and there is specificy: examples that t i find very interesting. representative kevinnd brady haa constituent and he was talking about this and this was a woman who had tea party affiliation and had applied for this tax exempt status in july of 2010 and they said, 20 months later, february 2012, she received a letter from the irs, a lot of questions, seaned them now three years to the day that she first filed her application is still pending. take a listen to representative brady. >> she was visited by the f.b.i., domestic terrorism unit. her personal returns and her business returns were both audited by the irs. she received four f.b.i. inquiries. this is a citizen in a small business woman who had never been audited by the irs. is this still america? is this government so drunk on power that it would turn its full
or patriots in their titles while applying for tax exempt status. agency may have paid specific attention to religious organizations. according to religion news service, biblical recorder a baptist news and billy graham organization was targeted back in 2012 and catholic league says it was targeted after the 2008 election. at the time the irs claimed that intervened in the political campaign. the catholics united education fund claims it languished for years before the registration was approved. and chris voices for life says it was delayed in its application for tax exempt status back if 2011. other groups have cited issues and delays with the irs. lawmakers steven miller the retiring and acting irs commissioner. >> this is problem that the irs being too large, too powerful, too inintrusive and too abusive of honest, hard working taxpayers. >> he couldn't remember all the names involved he did apologize for the actions of the irs. >> commissioner, i want to apologize on behalf of the irs for the mistakes we made and the poor service that we employed. affected organizations and american p
watchdog official reveals that members of the obama administration were aware of the tax agency's inappropriate auditing of conservative political groups as early as june of last year. right in the heat of the 2012 election season. hello, everyone. i'm kelly wright. >> what a week, kelly. big story and there is so much more. hi, everybody. i'm jamie colby. we welcome you to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. kelly referring, treasury inspector general jay russell george testified during yesterday's first congressional hearing into that scandal, saying specifically that he alerted senior officials at the treasury department about what was going on. >> i subsequently alerted the general counsel of the department of the treasury on june 4 and subsequently, and i do not have the exact date -- alerted the deputy secretary, neil wollen, about this matter. >> those are just the latest revelations, raising more questions about what the obama administration knew about the irs controversy and when. molly henneberg live in washington. hi, molly. >> hi, jamie and kelly. th
, not only was the irs giving the conservative groups unfair scrutiny, but they were leaking private tax information to the public -- also for political reasons. ryan is promising to figure out whose idea that was when who at the white house could have possibly known. >> we are going to continue to get to the bottom of this -- who knew? when did they know? why did they do this? how up in government did it go? people have no trust that their government is impartial. this is arrogance of power, abuse of power to thenth degree. >> we shouldn't expect to hear president obama discuss the specifics because his adviser, dan pfeifer echoed what the president has already said, that it would be inappropriate to comment until the investigation is finished. jamie? >> peter doocy, live from washington. thank you. >> keeping on that topic, lawmakers who held the first congressional hearing into the scandal saying they, quote, need to dig a lot deeper. here's a republican congressman, a member of the house mays & means committee, calling for that wider investigation that we have been speaking of. congr
took over the tax exemption business in two whwhere are 09. they are questioning now why she will make decisions about obama care. >> if we learned anything this week theires needs less power and not more. it turns out the irs official that oversaw the part is now in charge of obama care office. you kent make this stuff up. >> democrats said joseph graham didn't find out until six months after ingram was a signed to the different division. >> you are satisfied with miss ingram in charge of the irs responsibilities? >> i heard show has a high degree of professionalism and not in a position of responsibility over the actions. >> the outgoing irs acting commissioner stephen miller pushed out because of the scandal called ingram a superb sufficiently service. show will provide the same horrendous customer service implementing obama care as she did managing the tax exempt office. ntea party express chairman amy crammer said it is a symptom of a larger issue. great to have you here. >> letty talk about what is at play. i know the tea party groups are planning to sue the government. are you g
conservative groups, delaying or denying their request to be recognized as tax exempt, while greasing the skids for liberal groups to do the same thing. more details revealed about the attacks in benghazi. talking point e-mails give clarity to the administration's spin on the tragedy. a trifecta of problems for the obama white house gets full media attention. plus, an abortion doctor gets convicted of murder. the media finally show up. o.j. is back in the news. and the press is none too kind. and what is scott pelley talking about here? >> our house is on fire. >> covering the coverage on this special edition of "fox news watch." on the panel this weekers fox news contributor juddy miller, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, contributing editor, the american conservative magazine, meryl brown, director of month claire state university school of communication and media. richard granel, former spokesman to the last four ambassadors to the united nations. i'm john scott. fox news watch is on right now. >> it says no subpoena may be issued to any member of the news media or for the telephone toll records of
in their government. is there any limit to the scope of where you folks can go? >> this is wrong to abuse the tax system. this screams out for tax reform, does it not? >> i think it's an area right for redefinition and reform, yes, sir. >> do you want to know where a lot of this comes from? look at senator levin's letter. senator levin specifically mental add bunch of the groups that you all targeted. you were all doing what democrat senators were asking. >> i just think the american people have seen what's going on right now in their government. this is absolutely an overreach and outrage for america. >> i yield back. [ applause ] >> all right. >> senator mike kelly there at the end. that was one of the loudest fits of applause. mike kelly said you can put anybody out of business if you want to. you are the irs. how scary is that. when the irs comes in there you are not allowed to be showedy. this is an overreach. >> they prevented people from going into business. this is in the middle of a presidential campaign. they hamstrung some of the president's most vocal opponents prevented them from ent
: i wanted to go back to you. irs commissioner who wants oversaw the division that processes these tax exempt applications now tapped to oversee obamacare. should she be pulled from that role? >> i do not think so. with regard to obamacare, the purview of the irs is and only with insurance. if you don't have insurance and you pay a fine, if you don't have insurance and don't pay the fine, you should expect to answer to the irs regarding that. beyond that, no, you need not have a fear of that. >> heather: should the american people be concerned that this same irs that targeted certain groups will now have power to come after every american to ensure that you are buying health insurance or you are paying them the tax? >> she has been put in a power position here. we will see the largest increase of tax regulations in which irs is going to be basically policing what is going on with our mandate, paying taxes for mandates as well as ensuring they are able to get the businesses pay the penalties. she is going -- talk about having a promotion and having more political clout. there are so man
has been the head of the tax exempt office, while some of this targeting of conservative groups was going on. now that she'll lead the irs and monitoring everybody's health insurance and the new taxes and the new fines associated with obamacare, some on the gop are predicting more problems. >> she provided horrendous customer service under her watch and now she's going to do the same implementing obamacare. swell. this is the perfect example of why we need tax reform. >> democrats say ingram's successor didn't find out about the targeting until six months after ingram was reassigned to the obamacare division and say it's unfair to suggest she had anything to do with the targeting. >> you're satisfied with miss ingram being in charge of the irs responsibilities now? >> i have heard that -- i don't know her personally, but i've heard that she has a high degree of professionalism and that she was not in a position of responsibility over these actions. >> democratic congressman sandra levin says there is no evidence that ingram had, quote, any inkling of the problems in the tax exem
there sholman put they're her there. >> bill: the previous guy before miller? what was she doing. >> tax exempt division. shoe was running the tax exempt version tea party gain that kind of status and she was running. >> and she was running that and rubbing them off shy did going to done that. take her in the middle up to this you know that's a natural place though. put her. >> make her more powerful. >> no one can come up with her title right now. we do know she is in charge of the affordable care act. >> enforcement. >> implementation. >> got to do it or get fined by the irs. >> if the president were going to fire some people you would have thought the first person on the list. >> bill: she would have been fired. >> the person in charge. they are trying to hold on to her. >> bill: i'm laughing like it says in the talking points memo it's so ridiculous is it not absurd? >> it is absurd. and it's also though, an absolute validation of every fear we ever had about what this administration is about. ifsz not being sincere the president, not being con tried. he was hiding the person most culpable
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Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)